Posted June 16, 2023 at 12:00 am

This week we have some fantastic guest art from @amuseoffirebane on tumblr, whose art gallery you can find here (seriously, check out the truly incredible selection of handcrafted masks, on top of their illustration and character design work). 

I love this more sinister take on Basil and Crumb, who seem more than ready to tempt some unwary souls into taking a shortcut off the straight and narrow path. These two seem to have put in some real overtime for The Adversary (as opposed to lazing about and doing time sheet fraud, as usual), and I'd like to think this is what Basil and Crumb would look like if they actually applied themselves to their work haha. (For real, this Crumb looks like she might be capable of stealing quite a bit more than glass bottles and hand puppets...) It's so cool to see these two in the style of a classic B&W comic with crisp line-work and bold textures.

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