Posted July 15, 2022 at 12:00 am

For your enjoyment, here's another installment of Q&A time, in which your humble author offers "answers" to your most pressing questions about the core plot points and essential character motivations driving this comic forward.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Bybloemen is going on a 10 week break ahead of Chapter 4, so I can do some additional research and pull together some interior designs. The comic will be back on 9/23 with regular, weekly updates!

I'll definitely post some sketches and design notes on the tumblr and twitter accounts within that time frame, and hopefully a few history-focused, "edutainment" style updates on the main site, in the vein of the "Greater Fool Theory" explainer last chapter.

Thanks for reading this far! Can the beezeboys manage to wriggle out of the various messes they've made? Will Ludwig ever emotionally recover from being nicknamed?? Find out in September!

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