Posted June 30, 2023 at 1:47 pm

Bybloemen is on hiatus starting on 6/30 and will return on 9/8!

So I’ve decided to put the comic on a short hiatus while I recover from a planned surgery. I've been battling with a health issue since last fall and I'm hopeful that this procedure (plus PT) will get me back to fighting shape. The procedure was (very!) successful, but much more involved than anticipated, and I’ve hit a few hiccups in the recovery phase (i.e., antibiotics are kicking my ass). I’m an avid comic reader as well as a creator, and I think that a planned break with a clear end date will allow me to get some rest, add to my buffer, and ensure regular updates once the story resumes. Bybloemen is a very weird, bespoke sort of production, and it’s important to me to maintain the art quality as the story progresses. Chapter 4 is completely written, it just needs to be drawn haha

Thank you to the readers of this comic, who have been so chill and understanding (and also leave hilarious comments on each page, seriously, y’all make me laugh out loud consistently). I’m looking forward to getting back on my feet and getting through the rest of this chapter! In the meantime, look forward to some great guest art and a few updates about the historical research (and also the “historical” “research”) that goes into this comic.

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