Posted January 25, 2022 at 8:46 pm

The writer/artist of The Ballad of the Witch Doctor (@dadgumdevil) did an absolutely amazing job colorizing this illustration of Gertrude and Basil. I mean, get a load of that atmospheric lighting! And that hand tinted effect!! (The rim lights on those brambles!! The painterly effect on Gertrude's face!!!). I don't have any official color keys for the characters in this comic, so they did all of the color design for Basil and Gertrude, too! (And they have never looked cooler tbh)

If you like Bybloemen, I think you'll really enjoy The Ballad of the Witch Doctor. It's a new web comic with a killer art style (hello gorgeous inks and yes, atmospheric lighting), instantly appealing characters, and an introductory chapter that just grabs you by the throat. It follows Doctor Corvus Kestrel, mage and physician, on his quest to cure a lethal, necromantic disease known as "the Stain" sweeping over the continent of Endeamon. Sworn to do no harm, his oath is put to the test when he finds a possible cure to the disease in the form of a powerful but costly ritual. "Nature must balance itself, so must magic, and some secrets come at a terrible price".

The first chapter introduces you to the good doctor, his apprentice, and the skeleton crew that runs the Kestrel Pharmacy, and look...I've known these guys for only a few scenes and I just want to know everything about them. How did Kumarya get into surgery?? What's up with this second job, Faizal???

This is one of those hidden gem web comics that absolutely deserves more eyes on it. The story is just getting started so now is a great time to jump in and catch up!

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